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Why does your organization need Sproutlogix?

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be millennials. To retain top performers and stay competitive,
companies must go beyond traditional talent management approaches.



Rich evaluations to build Individual and Group Development Plans

Let your employees know where they stand on their expertise and understand what they need to further develop.


Continuous Feedback

Motivated Growth through
Continuous Feedback

Build an engaged work culture by encouraging instant and continuous 360° feedback using our intuitive mobile app.


Talent Analytics

Talent Management driven by Machine Learning & Analytics

Let our AI Assistant, Cavis, interact with your employees and gather actionable intelligence to derive the true value of your organisation's HR data.

What the data says


more productivity is seen in workplaces with engaged employees.


of employees reported that they would work harder if their efforts were recognized instantly.


companies are said to make more reliable and less risky decisions with the help of behavioral assessments.

Meet our products


A mobile application for your employees which lets them set up S.M.A.R.T. goals, and allows them to gather 360 degree feedback to own their own growth!

Integrate Loop with your performance management system, learning and development system, and your other favorite productivity tools, to encourage your employees to work on their growth on-the-go, from anywhere, at anytime!

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Get a holistic picture of how your employees are actually feeling about an activity happening in the company with our pulse check survey software.

Make your employees' voice count. Take actions based on the feedback they offer via our employee sentiment analysis tool, Vibe. Simply integrate Vibe into your HRMS systems and let it guide you to improve the overall employee experience!

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Evaluate your employees’ technical, cognitive, workplace behavior, psychometric, and domain skills on our AI-infused online behavioral assessment tool.

All of our assessments are designed with the help of behavioral experts and psychologists. They are backed by scientific research and studies, and years of experience for results you can trust!

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How it works

  • Evaluate_employees_proficiencies
  • Evaluate employees’ proficiencies
  • Identify_their_growth_areas
  • Identify their growth areas
  • Engage_them_for_a_better_employee_experience
  • Engage them for a better employee experience
  • Motivate_them_by_feedback_coaching
  • Motivate them by feedback & coaching
  • Experience_improved_productivity
  • Experience improved productivity
  • Achieve_Skyrocketed_ROI
  • Achieve Skyrocketed ROI

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empowerment engagement experience empowerment engagement experience