Hi, I’m an AI Superbot.

I work with your employees to help them build the skills they need to improve your business’ productivity, profitability, and performance!

    Here are some awesome, people-focused companies who partner with Sproutlogix for personalized employee development at a fraction of the cost:

  • Waterworks
  • Genpact
  • Credit_suisse
  • AIG
  • Credit_Mantri

Employee Development using AI and Natural Language Processing

I interact with your employees using my web and mobile platform to understand their strengths and development areas and create tailored learning journeys to help them be more engaged and more productive!

Here’s What I Do

Using my proprietary behavior algorithm


Run behavioral assessments to establish a baseline for growth


Create individualized learning journeys specific to each employee’s developmental needs


Capture mood and sentiments to make informed decisions

Using my expertise in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning


Mentor, coach and act as a buddy to support employees throughout their journey


Gamification, Recognition, and Smart Nudges to motivate employees and keep them engaged


Enable constructive and continuous 360° feedback to drive actionable outcomes through conversations

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