Continuous 360 degree feedback,
anytime, anywhere!

Don't wait until the next performance review to share constructive feedback with employees. Give them feedback and encourage them to share continuous feedback in real-time throughout the year using the Loop app.

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals that make a difference

Setting quantifiable S.M.A.R.T. goals on the go has never been so easy. The Loop app helps your employees to set and meet goals and track their growth with the help of continuous feedback provided by internal supporters such as their managers, peers, mentors and more.

Get a holistic picture of how an employee, a team, and the entire organization is doing in meeting their defined goals.

Goals that make a difference
360° feedback made easy

360 degree feedback made easy

Empower employees to own their growth and help others grow by encouraging them to share real-time continuous feedback when it counts. This reduces your organization's reliance on a performance review software for feedback.

Our AI bot, Cavis, assists in training your employees to build constructive feedback that helps them support each other’s growth without the negativity that can destroy confidence.

Boost your employees’ morale by building a great organizational culture of appreciation and growth. All made easy on the Loop mobile app and its integration with other HRMS tools you already use.

Gamification to increase Employee Satisfaction

Gamification increases engagement and motivation leading to higher employee satisfation. Our research-backed growth-centric gamification engine, helps your employees know where they stand in owning their growth when compared to each other.

Transparency amongst your employees on each other’s growth, with a motivation to get to the top of the list, changes their behaviors in developing their skills, building accountability, and solving problems proactively.

Gamification to increase Employee Satisfaction


Loop AI bot, Cavis, fits right into your workplace by integrating with your favorite productivity tools. Never miss an opportunity to give feedback when it counts!

Email to Loop

Your employees can share feedback with each other using any email client that your organization runs on. No client-specific plug-in needs to be installed. Our bot Cavis processes plain text emails into feedback, making it easy for your employees to play a bigger part in each other’s growth.
Email to Loop
Slack to Loop

Slack to Loop

Does your organization believe in using Slack for improved productivity? Our bot Cavis would love to augment that and further enhance your organization’s productivity with Loop features. Your employees can give feedback to each other and ask for feedback from others, right on slack! It’s now easy to create an organizational culture of sharing continuous feedback between your employees.

More integrations

    Soon Cavis completes Loop integrations with

  • Workday
  • PeopleSoft
  • BambooHR

Loop features for you

Goals Objectives
Goals & Objectives

Formulate Goals / Objectives with defined timelines and key checkpoints

Performance Reviews
Performance Reviews

Consolidate Goals and Feedback for performance management

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Engage effectively with assistance by our bot, Cavis

Instant 360° Feedback
Instant 360 degree Feedback

Ask for and give actionable constructive feedback when it matters

Competency Tracking
Competency Tracking

Track your expertise for continuous development and profiling

API Integration
API Integration

Integrate tools with Loop to improve your employees’ productivity

Go Anonymous if wanted
Go Anonymous if wanted

Configure if anonymous feedback is essential for candid feedback

Privacy Security
Privacy & Security

Rest assured about your company's data privacy We got that covered

Predictive Prescriptive Analytics
Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Visualize insightful information on employee engagement and performance

Maximize your employee
empowerment engagement experience empowerment engagement experience