Our ALX platform provides you a new way to upskill your employees with intelligence

DeveLoop identifies and closes skill gaps to make your employees future-ready through personalized and Adaptive Learning Experiences (ALX) that result in increased productivity.

Features of our Platform

For Employees

  • Baselining to evaluate competency proficiency levels using research-based behavioral science
  • Individualized Learning Journeys customized to each employee’s developmental needs
  • Smart Nudges, Reminders and 360-degree feedback to push learning and keep them growing
  • Cavis, an AI Coach Bot, offers mentoring and coaching on work-related concerns
  • Our Recommendation Engine makes development suggestions based on employees’ growth needs

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For Managers

  • Rich analytics provide insights into skill gaps and strength areas for each employee
  • Cavis’ NLP Engine makes it fast and easy to give employees constructive feedback
  • Repository of feedback makes it quick and simple to add objectivity to performance appraisal
  • Adding tasks allows specific and applicable work-related learnings to be added to any journey

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For Leadership

  • Rich analytics for data-driven decision-making on Manager Objectivity, Resource Management, and Succession Planning
  • Seamless Integrations with existing HR and L&D systems for efficient management of data
  • Robust Administration portal provides a seamless way to create and assign employee journeys
  • Auto-build capability allows for the easy creation of custom, functional or technical journeys

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