Intelligence + Facilitated Coaching

DeveLoop identifies and closes skill gaps to make your employees future-ready through personalized and Adaptive Learning Experiences (ALX) that result in increased productivity.


For Employees

  • Baselining
    Evaluate skills using research-based behavioral science
  • Individualized Learning Journeys
    Personalized for each employee
  • Smart Nudges, Reminders and 360-degree feedback
    To encourage and engage them
  • Cavis, an AI Coach Bot
    Get mentored on work-related concerns
  • Recommendation Engine
    Algorithms suggest learning content

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For Managers

  • Rich analytics
    Provides insights into skill gaps and strength areas
  • Cavis’ NLP Engine
    Coaches managers on giving constructive feedback
  • Repository of feedback
    Adds objectivity to performance appraisals
  • Action learning tasks
    Allows practical application of learning

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For Leadership

  • Analytics for data-driven decision-making
    For Manager Objectivity, Resource Management, and Succession Planning
  • Seamless Integrations with existing HR and L&D systems
    For efficient management of data
  • Robust Administration portal
    To seamlessly create content and manage the platform
  • Pre-loaded Global or customizable Competencies
    To ensure upskilling at a global level or specific to your organization

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