DeveLoop, a Hybrid Learning Platform!

Hybrid Learning is the future of the L&D Industry. The exponential growth of technology has transformed how we think about education on the job and upskilling our employees. What worked just a few years ago, is completely irrelevant today. By combining traditional classroom experiences, experiential learning objectives, and digital course delivery – we can get the best parts of each and create incredibly effective and sustainable skills development.

Sproutlogix presents an AI-powered capability accelerator DeveLoop, a hybrid learning experience platform that works to reform and transform the way we upskill our employees.

Throughout their vast corporate experience, the founders experienced numerous problems with upskilling employees. Learning initiatives weren’t aligned to business goals and the L&D process overall was fragmented and unmeasured. Despite various touted learning approaches that had existed for many years, nothing seemed to work effectively in the long run and there was no measured return on investment. Most of these approaches only helped to check the box.

Till one day they brainstormed about a solution that could be intelligent and adaptive. This resulted in the creation of an organization that reflected their passion for innovation in Learning Tech.

DeveLoop is a Hybrid Learning Experience Platform built and designed to upskill your employees while measuring their progress, providing continuous learning, and measuring the impact on your business results!

DeveLoop’s intelligence and behavior science-backed features include:

  • Surveys and Assessments
  • Coaching and Digital Course Delivery
  • Personalized Adaptive Learning Journeys
  • Analytics and Behavioral Science
  • Measured Business Results

But don’t just take our word for it, here are some examples of Big-name companies that have benefited from our innovative ‘unboxed’ approach..

Let us take a closer look at two initiatives we have run recently.

Organization A

One of the largest General Insurance Companies across the globe. They struggled with balancing the skills required locally while leveling the playing field with the skills their team members needed for expansion into global high-profile roles. 

Organization B

A Global Wealth, Investment Management, and Financial Services company. They struggle with hiring and promoting diversity across their teams. They wanted to empower female high potential employees to grow within the organization. 

Program run for Organization AProgram run for Organization  B
ObjectiveSkills DiscoverySkills DevelopmentSkills ApplicationProgressing High Potential AP Level Women Employees
Duration60 Day Challenge12 Months Program
Number of Participants7520
Top Areas of Development– Working in Teams
– Problem Solving
– Learning Agility
– Visionary 
– Empathy
– Decision Making

Both interventions were highly successful and resulted in a significant amount of measured growth. Six months after the programs, managers provided feedback that they were seeing real on-the-job applications. Overall, the statistical data provides one sort of metric. 

1. 2364 units of content was consumed

2. 820+ areas of improvement were observed by managers and other supporters in the feedback provided

3. Knowledge Scores after the program completion had increased to 86%

But what was more impressive was the cumulative results. 

Organization A was able to elevate 20% of program employees into lucrative global project roles. 

Organization B promoted 60% of program employees  within 12 months of their program completion. 

These are significant results with the data to back it up. 

Looking to achieve similar results? Come ask us how we can help your company with a Hybrid Learning Solution to achieve real business results.

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