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Don’t Think AI Could Steal Your Job? It Can.

Technology can make your jobs redundant!

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Do you know which is the most important skill one should have?

It’s adaptability or the ability to keep up with changes. 20-30 odd years ago, any change- like technology or policy changes used to take a long time to come to fruition. But now they can be introduced in less than a fortnight!

When there is a ‘change’ or a need to ‘adapt’, some people thrive. They grab the bull by the horns and come up with the next google. But, many don’t realize that you need to embrace change to be successful.

The ability to handle and manage change, be it technological, economic, or social, is something, everyone needs to develop. Both at an organization and individual level.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

In the past, when the waves of change came in the form of digital technology, many organizations assumed that it was just a phase. They didn’t change with the times and often met their untimely demise. Blockbuster’s downfall was not caused by the rise of Netflix and on-demand streaming. It was their lack of initiative to change their business model.

Once upon a time, Blackberry was the most widely used mobile in the world. With over 80 million users in the 2000’s, blackberry messenger was the main mode of business and personal communication. But Apple’s dominance in the mobile market was not Blackberry’s undoing. It was because they didn’t innovate and disregarded touchscreen-based technology.

You can loose your job to technology!

Technological advancement is also having a disruptive impact on the workforce. An example of this is the online food delivery application Zomato. Due to an increasing shift towards automation in their processes and a lack of upskilled employees, they recently laid off over 600 employees. AI, Machine Learning and company processes shifting to digital platforms are creating a shortage of jobs. And this impact people without the right digital skills.

The unemployment rate had been steadily rising much before COVID-19 hit us. Many jobs were becoming redundant, radically redesigned and new tech-based jobs have been emerging. The current workforce needs to understand that these radical changes made by technology can only be dealt with in one way.

Learning and Upskilling
You need to upskill yourself to stay relevant.

They need continuous learning and upskilling. Invest your time and money in learning new, advanced technical or behavioral skills relevant to your industry. Not only individually, but demand it of your organizations too!

For their part, the organization must find out those that have the ability to change and adapt. Upskill those employees with the latest advancements. They are the only ones that will thrive going forward. They need to stop planning for just 2 months down the road and start planning for 2 years down the road.

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