The global business environment is getting more and more complex! Rapid changes in political, economic, technological and regulatory landscape further add to the complexity.  Shortages in skilled labor also heighten complications, even more so in APAC! According to Korn Ferry, they predict a shortage of highly skilled workers will be 12-32% in each Asian Country […]

Effective & Ineffective Uses of Anonymous Feedback

Performance appraisals, performance management, and feedback have been evolving in one form or another for over 50 years. When it comes to feedback, everyone has an opinion on how feedback should be given and received. Recently, there have been a number of discussions about anonymous performance feedback. Advocates of this type of feedback believe employees […]

Creating the Perfect Employee Development Plan in 2019

employee development plan

Over the past few years, HR and business leaders alike have realized the importance of L&D’s evolution to a more ROI-driven department. In other words, there has been a paradigm shift in both L&D’s approach (using analytics to determine ROI) and execution (using technology-enabled solutions) to give employees and organizations a more objective path for […]

The odds of your business’s success might only be 1/8 Employee Engagement: The need of the hour

Having a disengaged, unmotivated team is a manager’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the most recent statistics on global employee engagement seem to confirm that many employers are living that nightmare. Only 13 percent of employees across the globe are engaged at work, according to Gallup’s latest 142-country report on workplace engagement. That amounts to only about […]