Creating the Perfect Employee Development Plan in 2019

employee development plan

Over the past few years, HR and business leaders alike have realized the importance of L&D’s evolution to a more ROI-driven department. In other words, there has been a paradigm shift in both L&D’s approach (using analytics to determine ROI) and execution (using technology-enabled solutions) to give employees and organizations a more objective path for […]

Adaptive Learning Will Transform L&D. This is How…

adaptive learning

Last week I wrote an article on Transforming L&D to Generate a Greater ROI where I highlighted that there must be a paradigm shift to transform L&D into a productive and profitable function. In this article, I also describe specific, “counters and metrics for assessing L&D impacts” towards improving productivity and retention. I believe the […]

6 Steps to Finding the Best Learning Solution in a Crowded Marketplace

choosing the right tech

Before digitalization swept through industries and companies across the board, employee learning was perceived as a casual, inessential element, part of an extended human resource blueprint. Its criticality was yet to be established. Things have dramatically changed since then. Today, every function and vertical of any enterprise is impacted and transformed by a plethora of […]