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With the Rising Hopes of a Vaccine, What Does the Future Hold for Us?

How will the COVID-19 Vaccine Impact the Future of Work?

Impact of Corona Virus
Impact of the Corona Virus

The entire world was shocked to its core when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the globe at the beginning of 2020. It changed life as we knew it. In March, over 90% of the world’s population was in some sort of lockdown. By the end of April, billions of workers were at risk of losing their jobs and having their livelihoods destroyed.

Many organizations faced an uphill battle to take fast action to protect employee health and safety, establish new ecosystems of work, and deploy strategies to support employees working from home. At the same time, they had to tackle layoffs, furloughs, and shutdowns.

Pandemic Struggles
Pandemic Struggles

Even before the pandemic, over the past few years, the speed and scale of change across the world had been feverishly increasing. Technological advances have been bringing bigger and more impactful changes rapidly. In many ways, Covid 19 simply accelerated the need to adapt to these changes.

Now that companies like Pfizer and Moderna have come up with vaccine frontrunners, the question “what next” is going through our minds. How will it impact the workforce? Will things truly go back to normal? Or will things ever be the same?


Organizations have the opportunity to capitalize on everything they have experienced and learned during this year. They have the opportunity to focus on the new changes that were inevitable before the pandemic anyway.

A few decades ago, the workforce had the luxury of taking months and months to formulate strategies and develop plans. Those days are gone. With Covid, globalization, and the continuous advancement in technology, organizations need to learn to adapt to rapid change or face extinction.

Simply focusing on the return to work alone is not a viable option. We have to plan better for an unsure future filled with the need to adapt quicker than ever before. As individuals and businesses, we need to realize that we might not ever go back to what we once considered normal.

So ask yourself this: What will we go back to? And Are you ready for it?

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