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DeveLoop vs SuccessFactors Learning: Which is the best LXP platform in 2019?

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DeveLoop vs SuccessFactors Learning: Which is the best LXP platform in 2019?

The learning experience platform (LXP) market is growing very quickly. A few years ago, we saw a few startups pioneering a new way to drive corporate learning. Since then the market has exploded exponentially to over $300M and is growing steadily at 50% year on year (according to Josh Bersin).

The single driver to the growth in the LXP market has been the changing mindsets of L&D leaders of today’s enterprises who are looking to these next-generation portals to build experience-centric learning for their employees.

DeveLoop was built with a similar vision – to help dynamic L&D professionals to handcraft the best learning experiences for their employees. While staying true to the vision, over the last three years, DeveLoop has been constantly enhanced to meet the changing needs of the market, resulting in a holistic, robust employee development platform. Today, DeveLoop’s offering includes personalized Learning Journeys, continuous 360-degree feedback, Cavis coach bot and intelligent AI-driven recommendations amongst its suite of features.

SuccessFactors is SAP’s HCM suite which is a more horizontal HR solution that aims to provide a one-stop solution for all the HR modules across – payroll, recruitment, learning, performance and HR analytics.

This article will aim to compare DeveLoop’s learning experience platform with that of SAP SuccessFactors’ learning module.



Over their three year journey, the primary focus has been to build something that has the potential to make a visible business impact.

DeveLoop’s comprehensive adaptive learning platform places its core emphasis on “experience-first”.

With that said, a logical way to make this an apple-to-apple comparison is to really breakdown the offering from the perspective of an employee, a manager, and the leadership. And of course, do the same breakdown for SuccessFactors’ LMS offering.


DeveLoop for employees:

From an employee’s point of view, DeveLoop offers a wide variety of features.

  1. DeveLoop allows you to baseline your employees in order to evaluate their competency proficiency levels.
  2. It also offers Individualized Learning Journeys customized to each employee’s developmental needs.
  3. Smart nudges, reminders and 360-degree feedback help employees stay on track of their learning in a non-intrusive format.
  4. Every learner on the platform can interact with Cavis, the AI Coach Bot which offers on-demand mentoring and coaching on work-related concerns.
  5. And finally, a recommendation engine which makes continuous development suggestions after understanding an individual’s growth needs, learning styles, and feedback from supporters.


DeveLoop for managers:

DeveLoop’s manager interface comes with all the essentials required for you to drive your L&D program as an L&D manager. These include:

  1. Rich analytics that provides key insights into skill gaps and strength areas for each employee.
  2. Cavis’ NLP Engine which guides you to give employees constructive feedback.
  3. A large repository of feedback which makes it quick and simple to add objectivity to performance appraisal.
  4. And the ability to add tasks that allows you to add specific and applicable work-related learnings to any journey.
DeveLoop for leadership:

As a business leader, you need access to a unique set of features to help you holistically understand the real ROI on the L&D investments your organization is making. DeveLoop empowers leaders to have clear visibility on business impact by:

  1. Providing rich analytics for data-driven decision-making on manager objectivity, resource management, and succession planning.
  2. Enabling seamless integrations with existing HR and L&D systems for efficient management of data.
  3. Providing a robust administration portal that provides a seamless way to create and assign employee journeys.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Being a more horizontal solution. SuccessFactors has focused less on going the feature-heavy route. Instead, it is a one-stop Human Capital Management platform that gives enterprises the ability to seamlessly manage all of their HR sub-functions in one place.

Each module in SuccessFactors on its own is a great starting point for digitizing your enterprise’s specific HR sub-functions.

Being a part of the SAP family, it also integrates very well with SAP’s ERP systems. This has been a major reason for its success in the global markets.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning for employees:

The employee interface for SAP SuccessFactors’ learning module offers the following features:

  1. Provide your employees with clear, compelling career paths to help better retain them.
  2. Set development goals that are aligned with learning activities and can assist in curing performance gaps. Development goals can also be competency-based to help reduce turnover and upskill more effectively.
  3. Create Programs to combine internal and external items and content to support self-based training.
  4. Compliment the formal side of learning with informal capabilities such as blogs, videos, multimedia playlists, QuickGuides, documents, groups, personal workspaces, and tagging.
  5. Utilize the Open Content Network to provide broad access to expert-created content fro partners edX, OpenSesame,, Harvard Business Publishing (Harvard ManageMentor), Udacity, Coursera, and openHPI.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning for managers and leadership:

As a manager/business leader, SAP SuccessFactors’ learning module gives you the ability to:

  1. Remove the technical burden of implementing an extended enterprise training solution with a simple, turnkey solution that includes an industry-leading LMS and industry-leading eCommerce.
  2. Manage courses, schedules, qualifications, exams and certifications.
  3. Support multiple credit card processors, integrate to global tax engines and support fraud detection.
  4. Create marketing promotions and recommendations in order to highlight courses and increase cart value.
  5. Provide an “Amazon-like” consumer experience without complex site development.

Below is a quick comparison of all the essential features that make a platform truly a “Learning Experience Platform”.

DeveLoop vs SuccessFactors Learning: Which is the best LXP platform in 2019?

Leveraging a true Learning Experience Platform for each one of your team members will rocket your company forward in terms of talent development, efficiency and ultimately profitability.

Don’t fall into the old, counterproductive mindset of the past and leave behind the traditional LMS in your basement. Invest in your employees’ development, and reap the benefits for years to come.

Speak to an expert today to explore DeveLoop’s learning experience platform.

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