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Disrupting the disruptions of the future with the help of analytics!

With everything changing so rapidly around us, it is imperative we try to stay ahead of the curve. The trouble is, there is not one curve but many. And going forward, those who succeed will be the ones who disrupt the disruptions – the ones who accurately predict upcoming challenges, then put in solutions to deal with them before they happen. Enter the nascent domain of predictive and prescriptive talent analytics. In this blog post, we explore few major talent challenges that are likely to occur in the workplace, and how with the help of talent analytics, you could be prepared before the challenges actually occur.

1) New-age Skills
With the amount of automation happening, it is clear that 50% of the work currently being done will be taken over by automated processes. It will not happen overnight, but it is already gradually happening and will continue to happen. This means that employees in the workforce will have to show new skills to adapt to these changes. Agility, Innovation, and Critical Questioning are all skills for the future. Talent analytics can look at your workforce and tell you who has these skills, along with other skills required in respective organizations specifically, and who needs development & support in successfully gaining these skills.

2) Complex Workforces
Employees themselves are changing. The Millennials are demanding more time off, greater variety, and a louder voice. The baby boomers do not want to wind down but find themselves at a disadvantage with technology and sudden change. The in-betweeners are coping with work life balance. Gen-Z are true digital natives. 91% of Gen-Z said technological sophistication would impact their interest in working at a company. The focus is needed at work is shifting to skills and innovation based, not just time based. Talent analytics can look at where your employees are getting the greatest satisfaction with mood capture, holidays taken, job rotations, roles & responsibilities, and other data.

3) Re-invigorating Retention
It is no longer about retaining employees with carrots or sticks. It is about having meaningful interactions with them and engaging them. Human beings thrive on feeling they are making a difference and are being heard, in addition to their everyday jobs. Continuous feedback loop would help all employees feel proud about their achievements, become aware of where they need to work on for a constant growth, where they want the organization to improve on based on their feedback. Talent analytics can tell you what activities have engaged employees the most, what they value about work, and where they spend their time most effectively. Understand this and you go a long way to keeping more employees fulfilled at work. The result? Minimal attrition and a motivated workforce.

Who needs a crystal ball? All it takes is data and a true understanding that human beings actually thrive when they enjoy what they are doing. Talent analytics, if used correctly can be that golden nugget which takes your company performance to the next level, despite the next disruption. Would you want to be without it?

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