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Embracing Digital Innovation

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Embracing Digital Innovation: How to be ready for tomorrow without disrupting your work today

With the onset of the digital revolution, workplaces, as we knew them, are changing. As organizations are trying to break free from feudal rules that dictated organizational structures and processes and adapt to new ones, traditional cultures are being disrupted.


Communication is key 

In a world where collaboration is integral to success, it is impossible to succeed without including a platform that not only helps you communicate but organize as well. The rise of tools like Slack, Trello, Podio allows teams to work together seamlessly from anywhere in the world as well as ensure that miscommunications are at a minimum.

Why? When you access a communications platform that not only allows you to chat remotely but also engage with separate teams and departments and collaborate, there’s a greater chance of success at your workplace.


Track it right 

Along with workplaces, the way we get work done is also changing. With faster turnaround times, as well as better opportunities to collaborate and succeed, traditional approaches to work are rapidly failing. But at the same time, non-traditional, yet non-intrusive management practices and platforms are coming up to monitor employees.

With deadlines and goals being broken up into bite-sized portions, the need for feudal practices such as the annual performance reviews is backdated. At the end of the day, it is with continuous feedback that more organizations are allowing their employees to learn, as well as perform better.


Tools of the trade 

Though the transition is scary, we thankfully don’t have to figure out the way on our own. With newer and better tools being introduced every day, workforces are increasingly being empowered to upgrade their skills.

Sadly, the introduction of AI and automation of jobs have proven to be intimidating to many. At the end of the day, highly skilled expertise is no longer the hero of your success story. What has instead replaced it is the ability and the freedom to learn on the job and the creativity to apply your learnings.

Guided by ideas of ownership, responsibility, knowledge, and freedom, new workplaces are increasingly embracing digitization to disrupt classic pyramid structures that most workforces have been used to.


With digitization bringing about changes at an alarming pace almost every single day, unless organizations embrace changes that seem disruptive, they will be left out of the race.

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