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How to Drive Productivity at the Workplace.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win at the workplace.” –Douglas Conant   

Internationally renowned business leader, Doug Conant, lived by this rule and because of this, was able to turn Nabisco around from a poorly performing company to one that was “extraordinary”. He did this by being consistently focused on employee engagement, and it worked.

Survey Analytics found that there is a direct correlation between the level of engagement of employees and the revenue earned by a company. In their study, companies with engaged employees earned almost 2.5X more revenue than their competitors with low engagement levels. This is perhaps, the best indicator that engagement levels impact productivity….And greater engagement equals greater productivity

When the employees feel connected and energetic about their job, they tend to be more productive. They are more committed to proving their worth and boosting the overall growth of the company. According to Gallup, highly engaged business units are 17% more productive than those that are not engaged.

The benefits of engaged employees beyond increased productivity can be seen in:

Employee Satisfaction

Great companies have one thing in common, satisfied employees. Research indicates that engaged employees have high levels of job satisfaction. Satisfied employees support and promote the brand, strategy, and vision of the company and feel a sense of purpose in being part of the success of the company.


Reduced Absenteeism

An employee’s relationship with their company directly impacts their work. The happier employees are at work, the more focused they are at achieving or surpassing their tasks. Highly engaged business units realize a 41% reduction in absenteeism (Gallup).


Increased Innovation

Organizations look for candidates who can be a source of growth, competitive advantage and innovation. A Gallup report says 6 out of 10 engaged employees believe their jobs nurtures their innovation. Engaged employees feel empowered towards innovative and creative thinking.


Boost Productivity by Engaging your Employees

So how can your organization benefit from increased productivity through employee engagement? Follow these steps.

Be Empathetic

Empathy is an important part of keeping staff happy and focused at the workplace. This should happen at all levels of the organization.Showing concern about employees’ lives makes them feel valued and keeps them more loyal and productive. In (year) ‘BusinessSolver’ concluded that 98% of HR professionals and 92% of employees surveyed said empathetic employers drive retention.



Work Hard, Play Hard

Blending work and fun at the workplace can be a great trigger of loyalty towards the company. Employee engagement teams can be created to conduct events to focus on team-building skills while promoting enjoyment. Employees are typically eager to participate when events are fun and interactive. This helps build interpersonal relationships throughout the organization and keeps teams engaged.


Continuous Feedback, Continuous Interaction and Learning

Last week, we published a blog titled “Facebook is using continuous feedback, here’s why you should too!”, which emphasized the benefits of implementing a system of continuous feedback in an organization. Such systems allow regular updates and interaction between managers and employees. It also promotes an environment of high interaction among peers. Continuous feedback helps keeps employees focused on goals.

 Source: Synergita Blogosphere


Employee Incentive and Benefits

Even though money isn’t the main driver, it’s a necessity. Attractive incentives and employee benefit packages can push the employees to be invested in the outcome. Late night meal & travel allowances, medical & accident insurance, etc. can prompt longer work hours,overtime and greater effort in general. In other words, take care of your employees as you take care of your family.


Short Term Reasonable Goals  

When goals are realistic and achievable, employees have a better chance for success.  Success results in an increased eagerness to take on new and challenging projects. This can lead to increased innovation.


Are you looking to Increase Productivity? Look to increasing engagement. Employee engagement is a growing trend in employee retention. According to Virgin Pulse, 88% of businesses plan to improve employee engagement in 2017.

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