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A New Era of Upskilling

Upskilling trends for 2021

This year we have all experienced various ups and downs in all parts of the world. The pandemic, lockdowns, digital transformation of companies, and more environmental and political upheavals than we ever expected! 2020 has been a trend-changing year for every industry, and none more than Learning & Development.

Learning and Development trends in 2021
Learning and Development Trends in 2021

With an overnight need for companies to shift to a digital work environment and help employees new and old adapt to working from home, now more than ever, Learning & Development cannot just focus on regular corporate training and classroom sessions.

Adapting to Digital Work
Adapting to Digital Work

Here are some of the upcoming trends that the L&D Industry need to focus on for 2021:

  • Virtual Learning – Companies will develop more digital content, train using webinars and podcasts, and share a tremendous amount of learning over the internet.
  • Increased Focus on Upskilling – The pandemic did not create the need for upskilling or reskilling. Instead, it provided a simple, beneficial way for decision-makers to deal with serious issues otherwise often placed on the back burner. In light of more unsupervised working than ever before, it is essential to focus on upskilling employees to increase productivity and performance.
  • Collaborative Work – Most companies are working from home for the foreseeable future, and in this new normal, where employees are no longer working in offices, the collaboration will be a challenge. Employees will need to know how to work with and manage cross-functional teams remotely and communicate effectively without body language cues.
  • Increased Investments into Learning Experience Platforms – In the new ‘normal’, training, orientation, and onboarding sessions will all be digital. It will increase the demand for digital platforms to support these activities.
  • Greater Focus on Growth – The state of the world today has led many people to reassess where they are in life, with many choosing to take classes to develop new skills and explore more avenues of interest. More and more, employees will expect companies to support them in their growth, even if it is not directly aligned with their position in the firm. Companies will mostly be happy to do so, as it becomes easier for employees to thrive and maximize productivity when they are developing new skills.

While these trends will carry us in 2021, no one can predict everything that the L&D space will experience. Companies and decision-makers should embrace the changes that come their way by adapting to keep up with the new normal.

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