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New Year Resolutions I Will Keep for 2021

What’s your New Year Resolution?

New Year 2021

I’m going to start exercising.

I’m going to take up guitar classes.

I’m going to take my dream vacation.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I come up with these grand plans every new year, but in just a few days I lose steam. My gym membership remains unused for the whole year. That guitar I bought is gathering dust and my dream vacation stays in my dreams.

The same is true with corporate resolutions every year! All too often things start out strong. Yet the best-laid plans seem to fall by the wayside as other priorities take over. 

New Year Resolution

But this year it will be different. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that things can change very quickly and dramatically. Don’t push things to tomorrow, do it today. You never know when the next pandemic might hit you.


So here are a few New Year Resolutions I am planning to keep for the upcoming year.

  1. Time to go Digital: No matter how much we deny it, technology is here to stay. The faster we adapt to it the better. This year, I plan to go fully digital, maximizing on technology. Automation will help me reduce a lot of unnecessary processes and increase my and my company’s productivity.
  1. My door is always open*: No there won’t be an (*) this time. I will take conscious efforts to be open to constructive feedback from my peers and employees. Being open-minded will help me develop myself for the better. An added bonus would be getting unique ideas from my employees. You never know where you will get the next product idea!
  1. My employees are my biggest assets: So I will invest more in them. And the best way to invest in them is through upskilling opportunities. Focusing on employee development will increase their motivation and productivity. And let’s be honest, having a good employee growth plan directly impacts your bottom line.
  1. Drive for a better Work-life-balance: 2020 pushed us into an unplanned remote work situation that disrupted all of our processes. This caused many of us to lose the distinction between working and non-working hours. As a leader, I will make a conscious effort to create that distinction and ensure that my employees aren’t getting burned out.
  1. Promote self-led learning in the workplace: I want to create a culture of learning. I will provide opportunities for employees to connect with mentors, coaches, new ideas, and areas of interest. The new generation does not like your traditional teacher-led programs. So, I want to promote a healthy, self-learning practice where employees can gain knowledge, and experiences at their own pace.
New Year

For the most part, I want to introspect and work on the different ways I can be a better employer, manager, partner, and client. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you relate to any of the above or do you have a few more of your own? Either way, keep in mind, as a leader you are who your employees look up to the most. By building your resolve to follow through on your resolutions, you will help strengthen theirs.

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