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Soft Skills for the Future

in Employee Development

Soft Skills For The Future: These 5 Are Game Changers

Historically, in L&D, an employee’s learning goals focused mainly on knowledge acquisition as the primary source of evaluation.  Did the employee attend the necessary workshops? Did they complete their mandatory training? In fact, most IDPs highlight a few “courses” the employees need to take as a check-the-box exercise.  The truth is, that this no longer suffices. Increasing complexities at the work environment require employees to have specific soft skills to prepare them for the future of work.

According to the US. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35% of the skills that workers need — regardless of industry — will have changed by 2020.

Keeping this in mind, you might wonder, “What skills do my employees actually need?”

Well, that’s what you’ll find out from reading ahead. Check out the infographic below to learn 5 skills your workforce needs to be future-ready.


Soft skills for the future


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