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This Year Will Be The Year of Women

History Was Made Last Week When The First Asian American Woman Took Oath As The Vice President Of The USA. What Does This Mean For The Future Of Women?

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More equal opportunities for women and diverse groups. Even the United Nations declared this year’s Women’s Day theme as “Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 World.”

Why Should Women Be Given More Opportunities?

The future should be female! With top organizations like IBM and General Motors appointing female CEOs, the trend towards women in leadership positions seems to be on the rise. YouTube has seen one of its longest-tenured CEO since 2014 in Susan Wojcicki. Another tech giant, Oracle has its CEO position headed by a woman. One of the most powerful players in the search for the COVID vaccine was Kathrin Jansen, head of research at Pfizer. Women really do wonders when given the right opportunity.

How can you bring up more women leaders? Well, change starts at home. Here are a few ways you can promote women’s empowerment in your work culture:

Diversify Leadership By Promoting Women
Diversity has been shown to foster creativity and innovation. After all, there is a reason why organizations like Disney, and L’Oreal, are prioritizing an inclusive work environment. Yet in many work cultures, men are promoted over qualified women because of their gender. According to a study, when the pandemic hit, 34% of men working remotely with children at home said they received a promotion, versus 9% of women in the same situation. Bring about a change in that. Promotion based on their efficiency and performance, not based on their gender.

Equal Opportunities And Equal Wages For The same Job Position For All Genders
Payday is the most important day of an employee’s life. It gives a sense of accomplishment, a reward for burning the midnight oil. But for women in many cases, it is a symbol of inequality and injustice. Globally, women workers earn only 84% of what men earn. It’s even worse for women of color or women with children. It is time for a change. Equal opportunities, equal wages, and equal chances to be heard for the work of equal value.

Gender Sensitization Workshops
Organize seminars, workshops, and sessions for leaders, top-level executives, and decision-makers about how they need to be sensitive towards genders. Often there are Unconscious Biases (unintentionally having a bias towards an entity based on pre-conceived notions accepted by the society) based on stereotypes that inadvertently drive gender discrimination in the workplace. A senior leader casually making jokes about the ability of an employee just because she is a woman or a boss giving a bigger client account to a man instead of a woman. These are a few instances where being sensitive is required and thus the need for workshops.

Safe And Secure Channels Of Communication For Women
Create a safe and secure channel for them to communicate and express their issues, complaints, or even demands. Often women don’t open up about gender-sensitive discrimination happening in the office due to fear of being not believed or not heard. Establish a comfort zone for them to talk openly about these issues.

Make Gender Equality And Inclusivity Part Of Your Organization’s Policy
Many forward-thinking organizations, don’t just create provisions for gender discrimination issues. They make gender equality a part of their policy. Hire Diversity officers or commit to equal representation of women in the boardroom. You can also discourage biases by making inclusivity a part of your hiring policy. Providing maternity and paternity leaves, having equal gender representation, ensuring an inclusive company culture, and work-life balance are just some of the ways you can make a difference. After all, gender equality is good for business!

Open up the opportunities and the doors to women by giving them the chances they deserve. You will automatically start seeing growth and change.

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