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You Have Been Working Wrong This Whole Time!!

Working Long Hours Doesn’t Necessarily Bring Success

Working late

Most of us have a zest and enthusiasm to climb to the top of the ladder! Especially early on in our careers. It’s easy to believe that the more you work, the better for your career. So it goes to say that logging long hours makes a good impression in front of your management. Or does it?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not that effective, decreases productivity, causes mental health problems, and doesn’t necessarily make you the star of the show.

Working late and low productivity

Here are a few reasons why:

Your employer cares about the quality of your work

Ensuring that deadlines are met and your clients are happy. Your progress and growth are judged on the basis of the quality of work and your ethics, not on the hours you put into it.

Long hours does not guarantee great results

Long hours do not guarantee great results. Sure it gives you an edge because of more time put into your work, but it definitely does not say anything about your capabilities.

Working so many hours is pointless

Working so many hours is pointless. According to a study by a Stanford Professor working too many hours is pointless. Work smart, not hard. Time should be utilized optimally to ensure that you can complete all tasks within or before the deadline and don’t have to waste unnecessary time or effort.

Long working hours results in a bad work-life balance

Long working hours result in a bad work-life balance. It takes a toll on your personal life and mental health. Employees become ineffective and less productive when they are stressed and exhausted.

Work happy

Here is what you can do if you are spending too much time at work:

Manage your tasks efficiently

Prioritizing your work goes a long way. It saves you time and money to use all the resources and capabilities available to you to prevent stretching yourself.

Take short breaks

Rather than exerting yourself with overwork. Sometimes, even after managing your time and finishing tasks before deadlines, we will take up more responsibilities. This results in you becoming a workaholic. It is unhealthy. Take some time for yourself and your life outside of work.

Focus on improving your performance

Rather than showing long hours and overtime as proof of your strength. Quality over quantity. Employees who work efficiently and effectively are appreciated more than those who produce the same with but take more time.

Accept that there is no perfect work-life balance

Do not strive for a perfect schedule but for a realistic one. Some days you might focus more on work. Other days you will have more time to pursue your other interests. It is all about finding the right balance.

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