Analyze employee moods and understand their sentiments.

Employees are motivated when their voices are heard. Take actions based on feedback received to improve the employee experience.

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Get to know the ground reality

Get a holistic picture of what keeps your organization going, by knowing how your employees feel about various activities happening around. By taking required actions where appropriate, watch your employee experience soar to greater heights.

Improve employee experience

Measure your employees’ sentiments in the areas that matter to them to stay motivated. Make your employees feel that their existence and involvement really matters.

Get to know the ground reality
Simple and Easy steps for generating powerful analytics

Simple & Easy steps for generating powerful sentiment analytics

We believe in keeping it very simple for your employees to easily express on how they feel about any activity. Our analytics engine is powerful enough to correlate the dots and show you meaningful trends to help you make better employee decisions.

Integrations for better results

Our AI bot Cavis fits right into your workplace by integrating with your favorite productivity tools. Never miss an opportunity to know how your employees actually feel at any point of time!

    Cavis for Vibe already interacts with these productive tools for you

  • Google calendar
  • Slack
  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Mac Mail
  • Chrome

Vibe features for you

360° Vibe
360 Degree Survey

Customizable pulse check surveys for all members of your organization

Runtime Analysis
Employee Sentiment Analysis

Predict the outcome of your employees' sentiment and improve the overall employee experience

API Integration
API Integration

Integrate your tools with Vibe to improve engagement

Go Anonymous if wanted
Go Anonymous if Required

Configure if anonymous feedback is essential for honest feedback

Privacy and Security
Privacy & Security

Rest assured about your company's data privacy

Insightful Analytics
Insightful Analytics

Know where you should invest time and money with employee sentiment analytics

Maximize your employee
empowerment engagement experience empowerment engagement experience