Interview with SL’s Newest Advisory Board Member – Brian Ford

Pune, India – 6th November 2018: Our newest Advisory Board Member Mr.Brian Ford, shares his thoughts on why he chose to partner with Sproutlogix and how he sees the HR and L&D Tech industry evolving. We asked him a few questions to get more insights.

  • What was the motivation behind partnering with Sproutlogix?

    As an HR leader, I have seen many HR technology products come and go over the years. My experience with Sproutlogix goes to the heart of being a smart technology tool that is intuitive to each person’s role and a path to success. The core of engaging employees is knowing what motivates them, what skills are strong and what needs to be developed. With an easy 360 degree platform, numerous paths to create an individual development plan and survey tools to reassess, Sproutlogix is at the forefront of helping organizations shape a high performing workforce.

  • What are your expectations from a young startup like SL?

    My expectations are high from an impact standpoint. I see that the product is great, the leaders are highly connected, smart and enthusiastic. As with most start-ups, the struggle is getting the product in front of people to show how great it is and that’s where networks come into play. We have quite a robust connected community.

  • How do you see the future of HR/ L&D evolving?

    HR is evolving rapidly to include data-driven decision making and qualitative returns on investment in both employee engagement and L&D. In both spaces, we’re looking at retaining and developing great talent, as well as quickly grooming top talent so that they feel they have the tools to do great work. We’re not as focused on succession planning as we once were, but realizing great talent will be with an organization for a period of time and then move onto another. It’s how valuable they will be during that period and what reciprocal development can they provide/ receive.

  • How do you envision the role of HR and L&D changing through new technologies?

    What I am seeing is the diversity of delivery in learning and development, away from powerpoints and podcasts and toward interactive technologies such as Sproutlogix. With more connected generations in the workforce, we will need to influence them in non-traditional approaches.

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