The Marriage of Behavior Science and AI

A deeper look into Cavis’ expertise

Cavis is an AI Superbot that interacts with your employees through chat conversations and online assessments.Through a personalized, intelligent, and engaging mobile and web platform, he acts as their coach, mentor and buddy to help them develop.

What Makes Cavis a Behavior Expert?

Cavis has a unique ability to scientifically measure mental capabilities and behavioral styles. A team of behavioral experts provide him with a strong foundation of psychological theories like the Jungian theory of personality, Thomas Kilmann Conflict management methods, Locus of control, OCEAN model and many other theoretical constructs. This enables Cavis to understand and predict human behavior.

His natural language processing capabilities and emotional intelligence empowers him to have highly advanced and engaging personalized conversations to seek out and clarify information from your employees.

He analyzes behavioral intricacies like sentiment, tone and most importantly individual learning styles to offer complex behavior modifying solutions like customized learning journeys. He also studies your employees’ moods to understand the pulse of your organization so you can make data-driven business decisions.

How Does Cavis Use AI and
Other Technology?


Machine Learning

Cavis uses Machine learning as a core driver of AI. He uses data science and machine learning models to tell you something interesting about your employee data, specific to the problem you’re trying to solve.

Natural Language Processing

Cavis uses another form of AI that recognizes language along with its many usage and grammar rules by finding patterns within large data called Natural Language Processing (NLP). He uses it to perform sentiment analysis, where algorithms look for patterns in Vibe survey responses to understand how employees feel about a specific topic or event. He also uses it to conduct question answering scenarios to run behavioral and cognitive assessments.


Data Analytics

He correlates information that he learns about your employees with information from external sources like your HRMS/PMS/LMS systems, to give insights into employee behavior and guide their development. These analytics models are also used to perfect the machine learning models for better and richer insight.

How Can Cavis’ Science Help
Your Organization?


Cavis’ goal is to seamlessly embed AI and behavioral science into your existing employee development processes.

Using the same technology you’re already familiar with and use every day, like chat and web apps, your employees can experience the benefits of AI without having to adopt complex technology. Marrying that technology with an expertise in behavioral sciences allows Cavis to dig deeper into employee development and behavior to understand how to uplift your workforce!

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